Grant Recipients by Year


Facilitate a Group Model of Family Nurture Intervention to Ameliorate Behavioral Problems
Columbia University — 2024 · $50,000
To Examine Whether or How the Abi Approach Influences Academic Outcomes
Purdue University — 2024 · $56,240
A Curriculum to Support the Play Skills of Young Children With Disabilities
Vanderbilt University — 2024 · $46,900
Help Families With Children With Autism and Identify Psychosocial Stressors
Nemours Hospital for Children — 2024 · $50,003
Free Online Educator Resources for Early Science.
University of Illinois at Chicago — 2024 · $50,000
To Develop an Innovative Instructional Approach to Promote the Use of Advanced Arithmetic Problem Solving Skills
Boston College — 2024 · $32,500
To Enable Students to Utilize Both Teachers Initiated and Self Initiated Play to Traverse Multiple Experiences in a Variety of Content and Skills Areas
University of Southern California — 2024 · $30,000
To Improve the Lives of Young Children by Better Preparing Tomorrow's Parents
Harvard University — 2024 · $51,795
To Teach Caregiving Sensitivity Through Video Coding of Parent Child Interactions
Vanderbilt University — 2024 · $40,093
To Develop a New Model of Pediatric Primary Care
Boston Medical Center — 2024 · $40,000
Communication in Autism Parent Coaching Program
A.J. Drexel Autism Institute — 2024 · $53,000
To Develop Downloadable Print and Play Cards Using Scientific Specimens
Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access — 2024 · $40,000


Preschooler Sleep Study to Investigate the Correlation Between Sleep Hygiene and Health / Welfare
Hope College — 2023 · $32,000
To Design and Implement Professional Development Program for Pre K Teachers With Regards to Culture Relevant Play
NYU Metropolitan Center — 2023 · $33,333
To Test How Children Can Best Learn Words, Facts, and Social Information by Testing Strategies of Guided Embodiment in Pretend
George Mason University — 2023 · $40,000
To Figure out How to Fund Early Care and Education for Children From Birth to Kindergarten That Is Accessible and Affordable
National Academy of Sciences — 2023 · $50,000
To Bring Education and Healthcare Systems Together to Combat Ace's and Prepare Children for School
South End Community Health Center — 2023 · $50,000
To Design, Implement, Evaluate, and Disseminate a Curriculum Framework for Integrating Nature Based Teaching and Learning Into Traditional Ece Programs
MassAudubon — 2023 · $37,500
To Determine Which Economic Stability Screening Tools Are Most Effective for Use in Pediatric Primary Care Settings
Rutgers University Foundation — 2023 · $32,000
To Bring Together Education Leaders From Around the Country to Develop a Set of Best Practices for the Nature Based Education Area
North American Association for Environmental Education — 2023 · $31,500
To Develop an Innovative, Early Childcare Physical Literacy Curriculum for All Children
Tufts University — 2023 · $64,865
To Support Ecmh Cs and Build on Their Ability to Support Classrooms by Providing Ec Mental Health Consultants With a Guidance Toolkit
Yale Child Study Center — 2023 · $82,000
Language Learning for All
University of Central Florida Research Foundation — 2023 · $70,942
Covering Ground: Nature Based Play for Families
National Center for Families Learning, KY — 2023 · $50,979
Element of Play Esl/ecd Curriculum
Worldwide Orphans, NJ — 2023 · $55,000
Testing the Effectiveness of Play and Inquiry Based Instruction in Early Science Education
Providence College — 2023 · $44,000
Dialogic Storytelling
Portland State University, OR — 2023 · $39,683
To Develop First Fab Lab for Young Children
Bay Area Discovery Museum — 2023 · $50,000
Addressing Feeding Disorders in Children
The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Marcus Autism Center — 2023 · $25,000
To Provide Funding for a Feature Length Documentary and Engagement Campaign, No Small Matter
The Kindling Group — 2023 · $50,000
First Steps in Coding Develop Professional Development Curriculum for Preschool Teachers That Would Facilitate Future Mastery of Coding for Young Children
ASSET STEM Education — 2023 · $30,000
To Support the Multimedia Campaign, Brains Are Built Not Born
Twin Cities Public Television — 2023 · $30,000
Giving Collaborative Problem Solving a Head Start
The Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry — 2023 · $95,569
Ameliorating Developmental Signs in Infants
The Florida Institute of Technology, Scott Center for Autism — 2023 · $34,200
Power of Play Initiative
Minnesota Children’s Museum — 2023 · $25,000
Illuminating Evidence Based Pathways to Promoting Young Children's Prosocial Behaviors Through Early Care and Education
Peabody Research Institute — 2023 · $22,848
Preventing Suspension and Expulsion in Early Care and Education Through Targeted Professional Development on Social and Emotions Self Regulation
Oklahoma State University Foundation — 2023 · $100,000
The Impact of Dialogic Reading Intervention on Low Income Preschool Children’s Knowledge of Emotion Vocabulary and Emotion Causes
University of Florida — 2023 · $37,552
Leveraging the Power of Play: an Observational Investigation of Pretense as a Mechanism for Cognitive Development in Preschool Classrooms
University of Missouri — 2023 · $64,824
Development of a Music Intervention to Decrease Symptoms of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Nicu Hospitalized Infants
University of Kansas Center for Research — 2023 · $36,120
To Identify Clinical Factors Which Are Associated With Ultrasound Measurements of Muscle and Adipose Tissue and to Determine Whether These Ultrasound Measurements Are Predictive of Later Metabolic and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Premature Infants, a Population at Risk for Developmental Delay, Obesity, and Metabolic Disease
University of Minnesota — 2023 · $46,100
Improving Preschoolers’ Executive Functioning and Behavior Through Music Therapy Programming
University of Alabama — 2023 · $46,517
Evaluating the Relative Efficacy of a Multisensory Versus Traditionally Structured Language Literacy Instructional Curriculum in a Preschool Setting With Children With Developmental Language and Preliteracy Delays
University of North Texas — 2023 · $71,601
Pilot Testing of Web Applications for Healthcare Professionals and Parents to Improve Infant Diet
Florida International University — 2023 · $50,000
Frazer Forest Inclusion Early Education Program
Frazer Center — 2023 · $45,000
Encouraging Physical Activity and Exploratory Behaviors of Young Children With a Toy Inspired Socially Assistive Mobile Robot
Oregon State University — 2023 · $50,000
The Star Family Writing Project
Ohio University Stevens Literacy Center — 2023 · $44,326
Playing in Digital Spaces: Creating Online Interactive Early Education Environments
Portland State University — 2023 · $39,675
Initial Development and Refinement of an Anti Racist Parenting Toolkit and Training
University of Wisconsin-Madison — 2023 · $39,851
Well Cheq the Daily Check in for Young Children's Emotional Learning
Johns Hopkins University — 2023 · $50,000
The Mind Lab: Thought Experiments as a Means to Teaching Science Effectively and Efficiently
Harvard University — 2023 · $61,666
Using Storytelling as a Way to Culturally Innovate Early Education: a Novel Technique for Indigenous Preschool S Tudents (u Scientist)
Utah State University — 2023 · $52,333
Get the Lead Out! Identifying and Preventing Heavy Metal Exposure in Newborns
UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh — 2023 · $50,000
Comprehensive Parenting Education as a Preventative Measure
Harvard Graduate School of Education — 2023 · $51,052
Developing Pla Yful Assessments for Young Children: Towards Assessing Children’s Thinking Processes Using Instrumented Hands on Manipulatives and Play Based Tasks
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA-CRESST) — 2023 · $52,753
Bridging Health and Early Learning: Health and Safety Training Modules Tailored for Early Care Educators
American Academy of Pediatrics — 2023 · $65,527
Project Begin Well: Improving Access to Mental Health Supports Via Educator Training
University of South Florida — 2023 · $50,000
Designing a Tool to Assess Educationally Productive Play
University of Wisconsin-Madison — 2023 · $44,468
A Tool for Aligning Parent Driven Math Activities With Children’s Math Skills
Purdue University — 2023 · $49,896
Climbe: Collaborative Learning in Multi Sensory Based Environments for Early Childhood
Augusta University — 2023 · $49,537
Standardizing Trauma Informed Pre Certification Foster Care Parent Curricula
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health — 2023 · $45,000
Pediatric Healthy Heart Connect – Using AI to Improve the Lives of Children
Mass General — 2023 · $120,000
Play With Me! Supporting Child Development Through Play
University of Washington — 2023 · $86,250
Family Influence on Young Children’s Conceptualization of Disability: Using Children’s Literature
University of Massachusetts Amherst — 2023 · $51,285
Privacy Minded Parents
Wayne State University — 2023 · $50,009
Early Pride Matters
Loyola University Chicago — 2023 · $75,000
Beyond the Written World: Sharing Wordless Picture Books at Home to Support Preschoolers’ School Readiness
NYU Steinhardt — 2023 · $51,060
Supporting Minoritized Preschoolers in Their Help Seeking Behavior: a Training Study
University of Southern California — 2023 · $47,150
Developing and Validating the Qualitative Characteristics of a Children’s Play (qccp) Assessment System
Drexel University — 2023 · $79,353
Using Picture Books in Preschool Classrooms to Promote Positive Racial Attitudes
Carnegie Mellon University — 2023 · $82,091